Fight global warming from your couch

Fight global warming from your couch

Feeling lazy but still want to do something good for the environment today? With these apps you can stay on the couch all day.

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A search engine which uses their profits to plant trees. It's just like Google, Safari or Bing, but it's - here we go: green.



My new favorite. Every morning I can choose a country in which TreeApp plants a tree in my name. All I have to do is answer a couple of questions about some cool green companies.


Too Good To Go

An app where you can pick up the 'leftovers' from restaurants and bakeries at the end of the day. You'll prevent food from getting wasted and it’s pretty cheap as well. This would be a good app to get when more restaurants and stores have opened again.


Good On You

In need of a new outfit? New shoes? A new handbag? This app shows you a brand’s sustainability rating, so you can make a conscious choice when browsing around.



If you want to make some serious changes in your household, you need to consider your bank. Most banks invest in fossil fuels, but with Monzo, you know you're safe. And it only takes 10 minutes to switch over, you just need to upload proof of address and film your passport and your face.



Another serious and very quick change you can make in your household: green and carbon neutral energy and gas. Get £50 off your first bill here. Read more about Bulb here.



Don't know how to take care of your plants? This app will identify them for you and tell you exactly what care they need.


Fat Llama

Doing home renovations and need a drill? Or a hammer? Or literally anything else? Don't bother buying, because with this app it's super cheap to rent shit. So much shit. I have used it for renting cameras and accessories and it is brilliant.



Everyone is raving about this but Harrow just isn’t the right place to live to use this app. The app allows local communities (both households and stores) to share food to prevent it from being wasted. Unfortunately when I login I can only see locals that want to get rid of half used sugar packs or instant noodle spices.



All right, one more tree app. On this app you can buy trees as gifts and see how much CO2 they’ve absorbed. The owner of the tree will get money once it's turned into fancy furniture.

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