Most Wrapping Paper isn't made of paper and is non-recyclable

Most Wrapping Paper isn't made of paper and is non-recyclable

Us Britons will be spending almost 40 billion pounds when shopping for Christmas this year, which mainly includes food, presents, booze and the money we spend on decorating our trees. We'll even be buying over 227 thousand miles of wrapping paper this year, which is enough to go around the world 22 times.

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Often wrapping 'paper' isn't actually paper and is incredibly difficult to recycle. Thanks sticky tape, glitter, shining foils and shimmery add-ons. To be sure if you can recycle your wrapping paper, do the scrunch test: if it bounces back, it's unfortunately NOT recyclable and can seriously damage the recycling plant's machinery. Also don't forget to remove any sticky tape (unless recyclable), bows and ribbons before your toss it with your recycling for the year. If you're buying wrapping paper, please make sure it's recyclable, or go for a reusable option. There are wonderful cotton or bamboo cloth wrapping, paper bags or... : What we've been doing for the last three years is to just barely wrap the presents. My mum's friends makes these big ass 'Santa sacks' and she's got one for all of us kiddos, so we just reuse those every single year! It's so much fun to put your arm inside a Santa Sack grabbing your presents..! What sustainable ways of wrapping gifts are you using this year?




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