One million plastic bottles are bought on earth every single minute

One million plastic bottles are bought on earth every single minute

One million plastic bottles are bought on earth every single minute, and the number has only been going up and up and up. Only 4% of bottles are actually recycled into new bottles, most of the plastic ending up in landfill or incineration rooms. So really, recycling is not the answer. This is a serious reason to move over to plastic-free everything, and this post is about bathroom products.

Photography Credit: Jonny Caspari

Besides from shampoo, conditioner and soap bars being plastic free, they contain a lot less (or no) chemicals, resulting in much healthier cleaning of your hair, scalp and body.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium hydroxide and ammonium lauryl sulfate found in commercial shampoos can strip the natural moisture from your hair and leave it more damaged than before - taking good care of the Ph balance of your body is important to keep your skin and hair hydrated and healthy.

Bars are also travel friendly as you don't have to count them as a liquid and are much smaller to bring along. They often last longer than bottled shampoo/conditioner/soap, as those have been diluted with water. Water is often the first ingredient on the bottled list, meaning that it's the highest content in the total mix of ingredients, measured by weight.


As with all products, it's all trial and error to find the one that suits your skin and hair perfectly, and I certainly have had my fair share of fails. I always try to use up the products I've bought, or give them away to friends who do like those products. Sometimes I get very frustrated, as buying organic, natural and plastic-free does costs a lot more than the commercial bottles. Most of the time, they will last longer.

There are definitely cheaper options around, as there are now so many different companies selling to different target audiences - and lots of smaller startups selling homemade products. There is definitely a movement towards plastic-free products and I'm so glad to be part of it, hopefully helping people making the right decisions moving towards a more natural way of life.




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