Review: Activated Charcoal from Geo Generation

I got this charcoal powder from Geo Generation because I was so curious to see if it actually works.

Activated charcoal (or carbon), is a toxin absorbing black powder which is often used to treat overdoses in emergency services. It can be used to filter your water (almost all water filters have activated charcoal in them), help with diarrhea and are used in skincare, deodorants and to whiten teeth.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

I've seen so many people rave about everything charcoal, so I tried this powder to trial lots of different things:

1. I tried to whiten my teeth. For 10 days straight, I rubbed this stuff on my teeth, let it sit for about a minute and rinse it... It worked! I had a couple of darker stains on my teeth (as we can't go to the dentist anymore to fix that for us, I tried it myself), and it actually worked! The stains are visibly smaller (almost non-existent now), but the rest of my teeth are not whiter. I haven't really had the time anymore to continue with this ritual though, so have stopped after those 10 days.

2. I use it in a homemade face mask (and scrub). I mix 1 teaspoon with a teaspoon of bentonite clay, a couple drops of tea tree oil and two teaspoons-ish of apple cider vinegar, works a treat! My skin has been so clear and acne-free over the last months. I'm super happy with it, but that can also be because I'm now only using natural products on my skin and it's a combination of all the products together.

3. I've added it to my homemade soap bar to produce a facial soap (and added some other goodies for the face). It definitely works to make the bar grey/black, but the charcoal from Geo Generation isn't super fine, so the bars didn't end up very smooth, but feel like a scrub bar. Still very nice to use though!

All in all, I'm very positive about this charcoal and have already ordered more!