Review: Cheeky Panda Toilet Tissue

Almost all conventional toilet paper is made from either virgin paper or recycled paper. Both require a lot of energy to get them into the shape of usable toilet paper. On top of that, most brands also pack their rolls in plastic.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

Cheeky Panda is a fantastic product that makes toilet roll from bamboo instead of paper. Bamboo is the only woody plant that can keep up with the rate of human consumption and deforestation. It needs no pesticides and herbicides to grow healthily and it biodegrades fast. Cheeky Panda have got their toilet roll right and it will be the go-to toilet ‘paper’ for me.

Even though their other products are delivered in plastic, their toilet roll is completely plastic free - I order big boxes of 48 rolls at a time and that's exactly what you get, one big box with 48 naked rolls of toilet tissue.

Order your Cheeky Panda toilet rolls from The Cleaning Cabinet, a wonderful small zero waste shop with the best prices!


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