Review: Ecoffee reusable coffee cups

Did you know that only 1% of disposable coffee cups are recycled? It is technically possible, but all disposable cups need to be sent to specialized recycling plants because they are made up of both paper and plastic, and are contaminated with our drinks. Most companies and people don't bother discarding their disposable properly and boy, do these fill up our landfills. Starbucks alone already produces 4 billion cups a year.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s


A good alternative are reusable cups. Mine are made of bamboo, the fastest growing woody plant that only needs a little water and no pesticides to grow. Make sure you don't just use any cheap bamboo products though, as the production of a lot of these products still generate toxic waste. Organic bamboo is the way to go.

Our Ecoffee Cups have definitely been winners for me and my husband in the last two years. Next to saving the environment one cup at a time, they also looks cute and we have saved ourselves so much money. Our favorite local coffeeshop Miriams Munchies actually charges extra if you need a disposable cup instead of giving a discount when you bring your own, which is just a brilliant idea!

Find yourself a cute reusable cup, save the world and your wallet!