Review: EcoLeaf Toilet Roll

So, I've tried most brands of bamboo toilet paper, with Cheeky Panda being the big winner so far. I've also tried some recycled paper toilet paper. I ordered a pack of EcoLeaf tp from The Ethical Superstore and hmm, it's all right.

The carbon footprint of this company is way lower than many other toilet roll producers, as they've got their factories in the UK and use only recycled paper from UK sources. Their packaging is almost indistinguishable from plastic, but it is compostable, which is awesome.

Bamboo is mostly grown in Asia and obviously needs to travel far to reach our toilets, and with laws not being on human's side, you never really know if the employees are being paid a living wage or just the minimum wage. At least here in the UK the minimum wage is closer to the living wage, right?!?! 

Unfortunately, this tp isn't really that soft, doesn't soak up that much moisture and it feels as if we're going through them super quickly, because they're not tightly wound around the roll.

I wish they had a 'luxury' roll as well, because I want the soft stuff!


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