Review: Facial Cleansing Bar by Bambooi

This review was written before we started using the Zapy Facial Cleansing Bar, and yes, me and my husband still love the Bambooi one - just as much.

This facial cleansing bar from Bambooi is wonderful!

It feels good on your skin and I've definitely had less pimple breakouts than I had before. This bar contains activated bamboo charcoal and organic coconut oil, which helps cleanse and purify your skin.

Me and my husband both use it in the shower every day and it feels soft and smells good. The combination of coconut oil and activated charcoal in this bar has visibly improved my skin and I have definitely less break out than I did before.

Although I barely have been wearing any make up in the last months, I think it could also works as a make up remover (it's worked fine for eyeliner and mascara for me).


It took us almost 5 months to use up a bar, so it's definitely worth the money!


Did you know that you should wash your face every day?

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