Review: Facial Soap Bar by Clean & Green

Apparently I really don't like the smell of shea butter. 

Especially when it's unrefined.

And that's one of the main ingredients in this facial cleansing bar from Clean and Green. My sense of smell is very strong and unfortunately I didn't enjoy using this bar at all, because using it on my face gave me an overload of shea.

The bars are also very soft and I haven't been able to use them for as long as I'd like in a soap - but then again, I now know how hard it is to create a hard soap bar that sticks around for ages, is pH balanced, uses natural oils and is good for your skin. So I can't blame the wonderful owner of Clean and Green for this... ;) 

Their shaving soap is absolutely wonderful and soft, but unfortunately this facial bar isn't one of my favorites from them. 


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