Review: Macramé Hangers

Sewing definitely seems to be back and trending, from mending you own clothes, to knitting your own sweaters, to embroidery and macramé.

I'm someone who wants to do all of it, but it just keeps on escaping me. So when I came in to contact with Beth from My Macramé Adventure, I knew I just had to buy her wonderful handmade creations.

Four of her plant hangers have made my view into the garden so much better. And you know what, it's been three months since I've had them up in the garden and I still haven't touched the macramé set I bought 6 months ago to make some myself - oops.

Beth makes everything to your specifications and is an absolute delight to chat to - we haven't met in person, but I feel as if we're friends already! So, if you want to get yourself some fun, handmade and sustainable Christmas presents, definitely check out her Instagram and send her a message.


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