Review: Urtekram Toothpaste

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

This 'whitening organic toothpaste' from the Danish company Urtekram definitely does not do it for me. I bought it because it has so many strong statements: it's whitening, organic, has no preservatives and it’s completely vegan.

I didn't know until recently that most conventional toothpastes aren't vegetarian as most contain glycerin made from animal fats.


This is the first time I used a paste that doesn't foam and I don't like it. It also doesn’t really taste like anything - and my husband agrees.


It also doesn’t contain fluoride and buying a fluoride free toothpaste is NOT a positive thing.


When you look at the packaging, the word fluoride is positioned next to the preservatives which is not how fluoride should be marketed.


I won’t buy this toothpaste again and Urtekram has not made a positive impression on me, even though they do sell a version of this paste with fluoride.


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