Review: Vegan Chocolate

So. Who here loves chocolate?

I do. It's my go to within the sweets department. I don't eat candy, I don't eat cookies. I just eat chocolate. And I love it. I've been buying plastic-free chocolate for years, and since a year or so really started to look at Fair trade chocolate as well. But the vegan chocolates I've tried in the past just weren't anywhere close to the non-vegan options, that I've never really bothered. Up till now.

Photography Credit: Jessica Loaizar

We're seriously trying to lower our dairy intake (we're already pretty good at barely ever eating meat) but chocolate is too difficult to replace. In the last year, I've been trying vegan chocolate. And more vegan chocolate. And then a couple Tonys Chocolonely's (or 5), and then another vegan bar again. I tried Ichoc, Joy of enjoy, Chocolate and Love and Equal Exchange Chocolates.

The last three were all dark chocolates, so didn't need any extra ingredients to make them light, and they were delicious. But I'm a sweet tooth and dark chocolate doesn't fully do it for me.

The coffee flavored Chocolate and Love was wonderful, and I don't even like coffee. And both the caramel flavored ones from Equal Exchange Chocolates and Enjoy were scrumptious as well. So I had high hopes for Ichoc, and I bought their Classic bar, Choco Cookie and White Nougat Crisp. Guess what, they're still not finished (and that NEVER happens in our household). I just keep on buying better chocolate and don't find the need to eat those. They just don't melt well in the mouth, aren't very creamy and well, kinda bland.

So, I'm still looking for the perfect vegan chocolate - that I don't have to make myself. Because I have made some wonderful vegan chocolate myself. Check the recipe out here and read more about the impact of chocolate in the world here.


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