Review: Water Saving Shower Head

Review: Water Saving Shower Head

Holy shit! Me and my husband are using 330 liters of water per day. Which is far above the average of 276 per two-person household in the UK, and I'm honestly quite shocked. Since moving into our new apartment, our water usage has gone up almost a 1000 liters per month, but our new apartment is not that much bigger and for the last four months we haven't turned on the heating... We did recently discover a leak, which leaked all the way through down into the car park beneath our flat, so that might have something to do with it. What a waste of water!

And I guess us both working from home and using the toilet much more often could have something to do with it as well...

One of the first things I bought to save on water was a water saving shower head, almost three years ago. I mainly bought it because I wanted to see if the filter worked to soften the hard London water and would help make my hair less dry - which it didn't. The glass in our shower isn't as filthy as it would be without the shower head, but the filter does need changing after almost three years of daily use.

The water saving part definitely works though! If you check out my Household highlights, I've done a test to see if it uses up less water, which it only does by 15%, but the big change is in how hard the water is pushed out of the shower head. I can only handle the pressure when I open the tap halfway, but with a normal shower head I have to fully open the tap. So basically I'm saving 65% of water during my showers!


I just got this cheapo off of an Instagram ad (3 shower heads for £30, gave the other two to my friends), and the company doesn't even exist anymore now. The shower head is almost fully made of plastic and was shipped all the way from China - but I guess that's where most shit is made anyway.

I definitely recommend to buy a water saving and filtering shower head, but to please do your research for a green company and know where you put your money at.

There are many things you can do to lower your water usage, and read this post on tips to do so.

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