The danger of single use bottles and cups

The danger of single use bottles and cups

Still don't have a reusable bottle or coffee cup? Let me tell you why you need to get yours NOW.

Photography Credit: Mihaly Koles

Every year, the beverage industry produces over 500 billion single use plastic bottles. That is an average of 64 bottles per year for every person on this planet.
Next to devouring an enormous amount of single use plastic bottles, some human beings are also ace at littering plastic drinking straws everywhere on this planet. They make up 4% of the plastic pieces found in nature, but as they're very light, the total weight is much lower than that (not that that is a positive thought). Many restaurants and bars now serve paper straws, but these are also hard to recycle as they are contaminated with drinks after being used. They also use quite a lot of trees in their production. What I really don't understand is this: why do grown ups need straws? Why do bartenders give you two when ordering a cocktail? Why did straws ever become mainstream in the first place?
Enough about straws. Let's talk about the next depressing beverage holder killing our planet.

16 billion disposable coffee cups are used every year and their mixture of paper and plastic makes it extremely hard to recycle and 99% of disposable cups end up in our landfills and oceans.

I know people who drink 2 or 3 coffees per day and buy them at the coffeeshop, in disposable cups. Nothing makes me more upset and frustrated than these people not listening to common sense. By bringing along a reusable cup, you're not only saving loads of waste going into our landfills, but you will also save yourself some serious money as most coffeeshops give a discount when you bring your own cup.


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