Supermarkets are using more plastic than ever

Supermarkets are using more plastic than ever

Greenpeace has done some brilliant research, because us consumers have demanded action to end plastic pollution. What happened to all the promises supermarkets and major food and beverage retailers made? Well... UK Supermarkets have used MORE plastic than ever in 2019.

Photography Credit: Eric Pipedream

Only three of the top ten supermarkets in the UK have slightly improved, with the rest increasing their plastic footprint. Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Tesco have started to make improvements, but Tesco still only made it to sixth place in the Greenpeace top 10.

Waitrose is number one, scoring highest in transparency and progress made in 2019. They had some brilliant successes with their in-store refill stations and scored highest in the categories 'future plans' and 'influencing suppliers', making them the safest supermarket to do your shopping.

Photography Credit: Dragon Images

The first spot is tightly followed by Morrisons, getting second place with their loose fruit being cheaper than packaged fruit and trialing refill stations and reusable packaging. Sainsbury's comes third on Greenpeace's list, improving their plastic footprint, future plans on reduction and reuse, and influencing their suppliers.

Number ten on the list is Aldi, number 9 Asda and number 8 Lidl. I can't say I'm surprised to see any of these at the bottom. The only positive thing giving them points is their transparency. But their progress is barely existing, similar to their future plans for plastic reduction.

Greenpeace and their supporters are our heroes pressing supermarkets to deal with the world's plastic problem and Sainsbury's has announced plans to reduce their plastic footprint by 50%. They have made some promising starts but lets continue pressuring supermarkets to do better!




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