The Appalling Regulations on Period Products

Do you know what you are putting inside your body when you're on your period?

There aren't many regulations in place for the production of tampons and pads and most manufacturers don't even need to list what ingredients they use in their period products.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

On average, a woman uses 11.000 period products in a lifetime, adding to a total of 45 billion products used every single year. Each one of these tampons can contain pesticides, chlorine, fragrances and all sorts of harmful chemicals that you put inside the most delicate part of your body.

Even when you're buying cotton tampons, most still contain plastic: the strings and the thin layer on the absorbent part of your tampon are often made of plastic.


Next to harming your delicate area, these disposable products are also an enemy to the environment. Did you know that 1.4 million pads get flushed down the toilet every single day in the UK only? On top of some 2.5 million tampons!

I really think sex ed is seriously behind and girls aren't properly taught how to dispose of their used products.

Please, to everyone having a period, stop flushing your period products, as they clog up our sewage system and cause floods, which is one of the reasons why so many plastics end up in our rivers and oceans.


There are many options available for eco-friendly periods, for example a menstrual cup, period underwear and many brands who are producing 100% organic cotton tampons. Make sure to wrap them up in toilet roll when you're discarding them with your rubbish!


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