Why planting trees is (one of) the answers to a sustainable future

Why planting trees is (one of) the answers to a sustainable future

This week is National Tree Week, so let's talk about... Trees.

Photography Credit:  Motion Box

Trees are a huge asset when it comes to climate control. They take in CO2 and make it into breathable O2 for us, and they're wonderful habitats for the wildlife that is so important for the world to thrive. Forests and jungles are immensely important to keep our world from burning itself to the ground, and so we need to keep trees inhabiting this planet. Unfortunately, deforestation is a huge problem everywhere around the world, from chopping forests down to make space for other crops, to just using the wood for (toilet) paper production.

I find it extremely unfair that it feels as if it's the consumer's job to reforest this world, when it should really be corporations and governments who need to seriously change their policies. But alas, they're not doing enough. And so we plant.

Or get trees planted.

There are so many options available right now, from eco-friendly (online) stores offering to plant a tree with a purchase, to search engines like Ecosia using their profits for good, to a wonderful app called Treeapp.

Read more about Ecosia, Treeapp and Christmas Trees.

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