Why you should be careful making your own toothpaste

I wanted to try and make my own toothpaste for several reasons: to minimize (plastic) waste, reduce costs and most importantly I wanted to use natural and vegan products.

The toothpaste I tried to create was an absolute fail – it was way too salty and oily because of the baking soda and coconut oil.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

I was talking about my homemade toothpaste with my dentist friend and she asked me if I added fluoride to my concoction. I hadn’t. My friend was less than impressed. She told me that fluoride is not only a natural product, it is the only proven way to prevent cavities and tooth decay. No other ingredient comes close to the benefits of brushing with fluoride.


Why fluoride is important in your daily intake

We can find fluoride everywhere, in our food, drinks and water sources. So I had a look at all the natural toothpastes I purchased over the last few months. Most of them do not contain fluoride, something I never really bothered researching before. But why is this not added to all certified toothpastes?

There are many concerns in the public that fluoride may be linked to a variety of health conditions like dental fluorosis. However no convincing evidence has been found after years and years of research.

Some people are also concerned that it’s poisonous but my friend told me that there won’t be any negative side effects unless you swallow about seven tubes of toothpaste within minutes. Let's not forget: we consume many ‘poisons’ on a daily basis, like alcohol and tobacco. Some people might argue sugar is on that list as well.


Your toothpastes probably isn't vegetarian

Most conventional toothpastes aren't vegetarian as they contain glycerin made from animal fats. If your toothpaste brands doesn't mention they are vegetarian or vegan, your toothpaste most likely will not be.

After our chat, I decided to have a good look at my teeth as they had been feeling more sensitive lately. I noticed quite a few brown spots on my lower teeth that were not there before. I’m not sure if this is a coincidence but I haven’t changed much in my diet or the cleaning of my teeth other than using non-fluoride toothpastes for the last two months.

I wish I knew about this earlier and I can't wait until this lockdown is over so I can go to the dentist to have my teeth looked at.


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