Why you should support Small Businesses

Why you should support Small Businesses

Would you rather have your money go into the pockets of billionaires, or the hard working lower/middle classes?

I think it's a fairly straight forward answer.

Photography Credit: DragonImages

When you buy from local and small businesses, the money doesn't only stay within your community, it's also much - much - better for the environment. Sourcing locally, and often organic, saves lots of CO2 and other pollutants from entering the air, and of course harmful pesticides to grow any of the crops needed to produce the ingredients for your produce/products.

So for this Christmas - and the rest of the year of course -, I urge everyone to source locally for their presents - and your foods. Let's not give in to the cheap plastic products mass produced in China, but keep it close to home.

Support your family, friends and neighbors. 

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