Garment Factory Owners are using Covid-19 as excuse to lay off union members

This hell never seems to be ending.

Garment workers in India, Cambodia and Myanmar are demonstrating in protest to their horrible treatment. Not only have millions of people been fired without severance pay or any type of financial safety net, the few still working are doing so in unsafe social distancing situations.

The factory owners are using Covid-19 as a cover for actively laying off union members as they fear they'll need to give in to their demands for the workers' rights. It's even going so far as to sending garment workers to prison for speaking up.


This is how a young single mother of two, named Soy Sros, ended up in a prison cell for 55 days with 70 other women - a filthy cell that's about 10 by 20 meters and included only one toilet, without any respect for social distancing or quarantining during the height of the first wave of the coronavirus. Sros' union, with the help of non-profit organisations Clean Clothes Campaign and Worker Rights Consortium, pleaded with the luxury brands hiring that factory to step up, but Micheal Kors, Jimmi Choo, Versace and others remain silent.

So I say: let's call these brands out and boycott them! Who the f*ck needs a £700 purse made by a woman earning £0.25 per day anyway? Absolute disgrace.