How to live a more eco-friendly 2021

So many people are setting goals to become better in the new year, but I would like to focus on the wonderful changes I've made over the last years and stick to them, because honestly, I think I've been doing pretty well in the environmental department!

Photography Credit: Dvoevnore


Tip 1: Eat less meat and dairy.

We've tried it all. We went strictly vegan and it lasted for 4 weeks in total. It was hard and punishing - we're not going back to it. We tried a vegetarian diet, but that unfortunately didn't work for us. We now have a flexitarian diet, with only once a week salmon, chicken or sometimes beef. We never drink cow milk anymore, and have moved over to vegan yoghurt. We have not said goodbye to cheese and chocolate, something that was most challenging for us in the vegan diet. Most of what we buy is plastic free and organic, especially the meat and fish! Read more about the impact your diet has on the world here.

Tip 2: Travel less.

We can't travel anyway with coronavirus still around, but when we can again, plan bigger and longer holidays instead of short weekends with lots of flying involved. Choose a train trip instead of flying, or a road trip with a couple of friends. Want to read more about the impact travel has on the environment? Click here.

Tip 3: Lower the amount of rubbish going into landfill.

Landfill is bad for the environment. Try to compost and as we all know: reduce, then reuse, before you recycle. Living 'zero waste' doesn't mean you don't have waste, you just don't send anything into landfill. But recycling also uses a lot of energy so if there are options to buy plastic free, or to reuse or refill, do so! Click here for more information on waste.

Tip 4: Buy less shit - especially clothing.

Who sees you in your worn out pants these days anyway? The fashion industry is incredibly taxing on the environment - and very unfair to their supply chain workers. Read my article or buying less shit here.

Tip 5: Don't buy things to try on and return.

If you really need a new pair of shoes or a bra, or whatever, don't buy 2 sizes to then return one that doesn't fit. Most of the returns never even go back to the seller and is either dumped into landfill, or bought up by bulk buyers who will sell them on again at a bargain price. This is NOT good for the environment!