Let's talk vegan milk.

Sure, I enjoy drinking cow milk, but... I haven't drank a glass of it in over two years.

I've tried them all:

  • Soy. Gross.
  • Rice. Grosssss.
  • Oat, LOVE it.
  • Almond, yeah it's okay.
  • Hazelnut, that's a real treat to myself.
  • Coconut, too much for me, but it is really good in a hot chocolate.


We've tried all the brands, and now that we're in the Netherlands for a little while, we've tried even more. We have a Lidl at 3 minutes walk from my parent's place, and yes, that means I am doing most of my shopping there, including our oat milks. And you know what? The plastic bottled stuff is disgusting. It's just water with a bit of sad coloring in it. It doesn't take like anything. Their tetra pack oat milk is better, but I can't wait to get back to our own apartment so I can start making my own oat milk again.

When my husband got himself a coffee machine (you know, a proper one so you can froth your own milk), I purchased all the Barista oat versions from every brand. Both the Rude Health and Minor Figures are no match for to Oatly Barista oat milk. So we have never bought those again.

I occasionally buy myself some hazelnut milk. I know it's not the best for the environment, but as mentioned above, it's a treat to myself. I love adding it to my Chai tea.

But mostly, I just make our own oat milk now. It's so cheap, so easy and the flavor of it is wonderful.


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