Review: An eco-friendly period with the Organicup

The Organicup is an interesting item to make sure your period is eco-friendly.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s


The Organicup is made of silicone, a synthetic polymer that is strong, durable and doesn't soak up all of the brilliant fluids your vagina produces to keep itself clean (like tampons do).


It definitely takes time to get used to using a period cup - much fidgeting to get it in there, in the right place, and then fully 'cupped out' so there won't be any leakage. It takes some skill and patience. But it's worth it.

I feel so much better knowing that I don't throw away so many tampons and pads full of plastic and chemicals every month. It's good to know I'm not putting anything unhealthy into my delicate parts.


I definitely recommend the Organicup to all ladies!


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