Review: Biodegradable Birthday Card by Meco

One of the biggest changes I've made in my online shopping in 2020 is to move away from Amazon, which meant that I started to buy a lot more from Etsy.

And I love it. I will continue to buy through Etsy, as I really love how big it has become and how many creatives have started their own business this year.

These wonderful eco-friendly birthdays cards are biodegradable and have wild flower seeds added into them - so you are actually gifting someone a bouquet of flowers for their birthday with these cards (without the unsustainable side of gifting flowers).

I bought them from Made By Mika and I love them. It's a bit hard to write on them as the seeds get in the way, but it all adds to the charm! None of the people I have gifted them to have planted them yet, as the freezing weather isn't ideal for the flowers to grow, but I definitely want to receive some pics from them once the flowers are growing.

I bought a packet of 10 and I'm definitely going to purchase more once I've gifted them all, it's just such a cool idea! And as it's going to take a while before we're all vaccinated and won't be able to see many of our friends and family in the next months, I still want to send them cards to let them know I'm thinking of them (although I am also sending cards online!).


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