Review: Brushd electric toothbrush heads

I constantly switch between an electric toothbrush and non-electric, because they're both never perfect. I've tried so many bamboo toothbrushes, none of them as comfortable as the plastic versions (but of course I will never buy plastic ones again).

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s


Of course I wanted to give my electric brush another go. So naturally, when I needed to buy new electric brush heads, I went looking for an eco-friendly option. Recyclable ones are the way to go, and really any brand can be recycled. But I wanted to go with a company who really does try to be better for the environment, and Brushd seemed a good one to go with. They even send you a return envelope included in the price, to make sure the brush heads end up in the right place to get recycled.

Their brushes are fine, they're actually a bit smaller than the standard Oral-B brushes. They work fine, but still, the reason I don't really enjoy brushing electric is because the brushes are so small.

I will keep on brushing with these, but it's not my favorite way to brush.

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