Review: Bulb

If the old system doesn't work for you, you change it. Right? That's what Amit and Hayden thought when they founded Bulb. They wanted clean energy, better rates and better service than other conventional suppliers offered.

And boy did they deliver! Me and my husband have been with Bulb since we moved to the UK over three years ago. It was very important for us to be with a renewable energy (and carbon neutral gas) provider, which Bulb both offers. We have also moved within London twice and are now in our third apartment and Bulb makes life so easy for you when you move around a lot. We've never had any trouble and costumer service is quick and kind.

It's super easy to change your energy provider as well, which you can do from just your couch. So if you feel like spending a couple of minutes to receive £50 off your next energy bill, you can use this code: