Review: Callaly Tampons

Callaly is one of those prescription companies that send a box full of period goodies before your period arrives. So you never have to think about buying enough tampons to get you through your period, or accidentally only have large ones left when you really just want a mini tampon that day.

I think their products are wonderful and packaging is super smart. I've tried their tampons, liners and pads and the only comment is: does every pantyliner need to be packaging separately?

Even though their packaging is all biodegradable, it still takes a lot of energy to produce the packaging for every separate product.

Callaly is even making strides with their tampliner - which I haven't tried yet - but these seem to be better versions of the standard applicators: your fingers stay clean, even during removal, where the tampons is wrapped in the virtual applicator and liner attached to it, ready for the bin.

Callaly is b-corp certified, meaning they really do care about the environmental impact they make.


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