Review: Cero Zero Waste Shop

Cero, a brand-new online zero waste shop, was setup just a couple of months ago by the lovely Sophie. Sophie has been aiming for a zero waste lifestyle after coming back from her pre-wedding honeymoon in Chile. Travel truly opens eyes, and being stripped of all luxury and seeing the Chilean lifestyle inspired Sophie to start her own zero waste shop, with the Spanish word for Zero as its name. Sophie decided it was time to act big and her fight against waste started when she set up Cero.

The aim for Cero is to promote a conscious and sustainable lifestyle, no matter what your journey is. Cero focuses on reducing waste and offer zero waste alternatives for all your cupboard essentials, which they are constantly reviewing and expanding.

In Sophie's words: "Cero is built with a calm mind, just like the Chileans would. Although we process orders efficiently, we are much more mindful that we really need to slow down and appreciate life more. After a long flight to Chile and hopping into the taxi with our tour guide, he calmly looked at us, asked where we were from and then turned around and said "England is lovely but you all work too hard and it's too fast over there". It really hit me, and when we immersed ourself into Chilean life we really understood how stressed our lives had become. We want to help others to sloooow down and enjoy life with us. In short, I wouldn't call us a business, we're just a small family who want to help our planet in any way we can and who care about our customers receiving the best products, in the best packaging and with the best service💙"

You can follow Sophie's story into a fully sustainable life in Cero's blog.

Get yourself some plastic-free and wonderful foods on and use the code mysustainable10 for 10% off your first order.