Review: Ecoscribe Paper Pens

Ecoscribe is here to change the world. And it's as simple as replacing the plastic casing with paper casing. The only concern I had with these pens, was: I use a lot of hand creams, aren't these pens gonna get super greasy?

And you know what... They don't.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

Francesca and Tracy from Ecoscribe gifted me a set of pens to write about and I am not disappointed in any way. I use them all the time - and everywhere. I brought 4 with me to the Netherlands just to make sure I wouldn't need to write with another pen ever again...!

I'm sure the pens are not waterproof, but they can handle a bit of cream / water and feel great in your hand. Plastic sometimes feels very hard and when you're writing for a while, it starts to hurt the pressure points on your fingers (but maybe that's just my delicate hands haha!). I have had no problems with these pens at all!

These pens are fully recyclable, and the paper itself is biodegradable. You just have to soak them in some water to separate the parts and recycle the inner ink tube and metal pen point separately!

I do play with the pens a lot, and with the caps folded in, I notice that the paper there shows a bit of wear after playing around with that for hours. But that's obviously not a concern for me as it's just the cap and not the pen itself.


About Ecoscribe

Ecoscribe is set up to combat plastic waste, starting with the stationary world.

Francesca and Tracy are two mums who have just launched their small business Eco Scribe. Their mission is to wave goodbye to the traditional plastic pen, because let's face it, we've got enough of those cheap plastic pens lying around the house!

Their individually hand crafted paper pens are durable, sleek and super stylish. They're also compact in size and packaging, which is fully compostable, promoting the minimal and zero waste lifestyle. The pens have a sturdy hand rolled paper shaft, a metal nib and a plastic ink tube. If soaked in hot water, all parts of the pen dismantle and you can recycle (and biodegrade) them all.

You can order their pens via Etsy (and they come with free postage).


Read more about the harm plastic pens do to our earth here.