Review: Ecosia, the search engine that saves the environment

Everyone uses Ecosia by now, right?!?!

Or at least, that just plain sense to me, because it's literally the easiest swap you can make to be more sustainable.

Ecosia is a search engine, so it's like Google. Or... Bing, that's another one right?

The way it works is super simple. You search for things and then click on links and then your tree-count goes up. For every 45-ish clicks, they will plant a tree. Because the profits Ecosia makes via ads, doesn't all just go into the pockets of billionaires. No, it goes into the pockets of tree-growers around the world.


I accidentally reset my cookies before I looked at my count a couple of months ago, but since then I've helped plant around 45 trees on my laptop alone. I think my tree count for the year will be a LOT higher as I've used it for all the research I've done for My Sustainable 20s in the last year and I've started using it about three years ago (it has really grown in the last few years and I love it still).

Ecosia is B-corp Certified since 2014, they've planted over 114 million trees in over 9000 sites all over the world and they are extremely open towards to public. We can browse through their financial reports if we want to and even hold them accountable if they do some shit they're not supposed to (not that I would know what that is, but hey, it's an option and I like transparency in a business).

The only downside is, that when I 'Google' for stats, it mainly comes up with American sites and facts, but I'm based in the UK. I think by now they know I like The Guardian and the BBC, so they pop up more often now, but sometimes I do open up Google to get me some more information because I feel there's something missing. But that's only very occasional.

If you want to lead a more sustainable life, make conscious choices in what you consume and don't want to spend any money doing so, download Ecosia today and you're on your way to a better tomorrow.

Let's lower the ad money Google makes and give it all to Ecosia!