Review: Happinesz Deodorant and Hand Cream

Happinesz is a small Dutch business producing natural deodorants and hand creams - and are plastic free as well. The team has been so kind to gift me a couple deodorants and a hand cream to try, but unfortunately they aren't for me. I have regifted the deodorant to my mother, and she absolutely loves it.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

I love everything they stand for, but you all know that I want to be honest because that's what this page is about, and that's why I'm writing this post.

The deodorant they gifted is the fourth natural brand I've tried since the beginning of this year - and none of them worked for me. So for me, it wasn't a big surprise this one also doesn't work. So it's just my smelly body that doesn't seem to want to work with these natural creams. They totally work for my mum, and now that we've been staying with my parents over the Christmas break (and longer), I can actually smell the difference on her. It sucks I can't smell the difference on me, because my natural odor is baaaaad.

As for the hand cream, it's too oily for my personal taste. It's lovely to use before going to sleep, as the cream stays on your hands for a while and hydrates them well, but for me they're too oily when I want to use my phone or work on my laptop - they just got greasy so quickly.

I really love the fresh and citrussy smell of their products. The team at Happinesz is super kind and understanding and of course their company ethos is what I stand and live for.

Even though their products aren't the best I've tried so far, if you're living in the Netherlands, don't hesitate to try out their products! We should all support local businesses, especially the ones doing some good for this world.

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