Review: Ku.Tis Deodorant

It took me years to find the right deodorant for me, and now that I've decided to look for an eco-friendly alternative, it might take me years again.

I bought two Ku.tis deodorants to try, one unscented and the other 'cedarwood and rose'. I've read that it could take a few weeks for your body to get used to an all natural deodorant, so I gave them two months.

They are not antiperspirants and even sitting at home I notice my wet armpits - no shame in admitting this.

With the unscented deodorant I just smell horrible - it doesn't even last for half a day and I might as well put some body lotion under there in the morning.

The cedarwood and rose deodorant - according to my husband - makes me smell like a garden center. I think I smell like the 70s. I smell like a 70s garden center using that one. At least it masks my natural sweat smell for half a day.

Safe to say: I have not found my new go-to natural deodorant yet.


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