Review: Lanolia Skincare

Half a year ago, I had never heard of lanolin, and now it's one of my favourite ingredients in my skincare products. I first came into contact with Lanolia because of one of my friends, and now I'm a total convert. 

Lanolin has so many wonderful properties, and Lanolia combines lanolin with other natural ingredients to make wonderful skincare products. Most of their creams are for people with skin problems, but I still absolutely love using them - especially in winter. They have gifted me a tester of their face cream and hand cream. I love them both and have gone back to buy more.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

The hand cream is very thick, you know, because they don't add water and other thinners - just the goodness of natural ingredients. It's absolutely perfect before going to sleep, especially in winter as my hands get super dry.

The face cream is wonderful as well, especially on my forehead and nose, where the wintery cold always dries my skin out most. It feels super moisturizing, without giving my face an oily look.


About Lanolia

Lanolia is a small business run by mother Shirley and daughter Karin. Shirley has been a specialist in natural and botanical skincare for over fifteen years, and formulated all her formulas to treat her daughter's psoriasis. With psoriasis running in their family for generations, they both know that natural remedies are the best way to treat ultra sensitive skin. It took them over ten years to launch Lanolia, their skincare brand named after one of the core ingredients in all their products: lanolin.

Lanolin is a by-product of the wool industry, a refined wax that is produced by sheep to keep their wool dry and protect their skin from the environment. It doesn't only keep sheep's skin safe, but when this wax is washed off their wool and separated from the dirt and water, the lanolin that's leftover also does wonders for human skin. It helps with dry and sensitive skin, keeps in moisture better (perfect to use as a lip balm) and it even has anti-wrinkle properties (and yes, honestly it works!).

It also works well for people with eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions. I don't have any severe skin conditions other than a bit of dry skin in winters, but I really love their products and can't get enough of their hand cream!