Review: Recycled Paper Cotton Buds

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

Now we're talking! I've used cotton buds without plastic for years and these ones are made from recycled organic paper. You can even compost them when they just have earwax on them. It's not a good idea to compost them with a lot of make up or remover on them (especially nail polish remover).


These buds from Geo Generation are a bit smaller than your average cotton bud, but they do the job and are not too expensive either.


Read more about cotton buds here.


Meet Sheria from Geo Generation

This 18 year-old student got fed up with the high price of homemade organic products and started Geo Generation from her mum's kitchen. With her focus on eco-friendly travel products, she set up her own webshop to keep her busy while university classes have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Sheria studies Dance Science and aims for a career providing dance therapy and rehabilitation for children with disabilities.


There was never a better time to support young women starting a business, so please head on over to Geo Generation and get yourself a 15% discount with the code MS20s