Review: Reusable Face Covers from Hunnisews

For your safety and other's, please. Please wear face covers when you go out and about. And not only because it's mandatory from the 24th f July on.

For the earth's health, please do not buy disposable face covers. So much plastic is is being used right now, and discarded EVERYWHERE. Our earth isn't going to like this one bit. I can't even fathom why anyone would want to buy disposable face covers and right from the start, we used reusable ones.

These covers by Hunnisews are so cute and comfortable, that we ordered extra after our first batch arrived. You can wash them and use them again, and again, and again, and again. And again. Breathing is totally fine, and as I said before, they look so frikkin cute! We prefer the ones with the elastic strings, but you can get any type of string if you just specify it. Jo from Hunnisews usually works in the theatre making costumes, but with all theatres closed, she started Hunnisews to keep herself busy and pay the bills. And busy she is! Head on over to her profile and get yourself some awesome looking covers - she can make you a face cover with any type of print.