Review: Sunset on the Earth Picture Frames

I absolutely LOVE these frames, and when Sunset on the Earth put them up in her shop, I snapped them up straight away!

Shona from Sunset on the Earth makes sure that all the items in her Etsy shop are sustainably and ethically sourced, and every now and then she's got a very limited amount of handmade photoframes for sale, next to her handpainted upcycled frames and other wonderful artpieces she sells.


About Sunset on the Earth

Shona is a eco-conscious designer focussing on ethical and environmental friendly art. With her store Sunset on the Earth, Shona creates wonderful, super pretty and colourful designs and sells them on upcycled t-shirts made in her home-studio, on recycled paper and she even uses eco-friendly elastics in her upcycled scrunchies. Shona herself is a wonderful person and I've bought not only what you can see in these three posts, but also some cute art for on the wall of our future baby-room (will be posting about that when the time comes).


Want to get your hands on one of Shona's prints? Get yourself a 15% discount with the code ANA15 


Check out this blog post about Shona's wonderful scrunchies.