Review: Sunset on the Earth Scrunchies

I feel like a Spice Girl.

I'm obviously not a selfie queen but today is a good day and I want to give a big shout-out to Shona from Sunset on the Earth. Shona is a eco-conscious designer focussing on ethical and environmental friendly art. With her store, Shona creates wonderful, super pretty and colourful designs and sells them on upcycled t-shirts made in her home-studio, on recycled paper and she even uses eco-friendly elastics in her upcycled scrunchies.

Shona herself is a wonderful person and I've bought not only what you can see in these three posts, but also some cute art for on the wall of our future baby-room (will be posting about that when the time comes).

I'm not really a ponytail gal, but I love this scrunchie! Its not super tight which is really nice because ponytails often give me headaches...


Do you love a good scrunchie? Head on over to @sunsetontheearth and use the code ANA15 for 15% off your order in her Etsy shop!


Check out this blog on her wonderful sustainably sourced picture frames.