Review: The Cleaning Cabinet

Going green is absolutely brilliant, but can also be very expensive. I'm one of those people who will search the internet for hours to find the cheapest store, and this is how I stumbled upon The Cleaning Cabinet. Their toilet roll is a good few pounds cheaper than other green stores so I decided to order loads from @thecleaningcabinet . I've done three orders in the last 6 months with them (do we poop that often?!) and have chatted with owner Ati, a wonderful woman who is saving this planet one plastic free product at a time.

Ati and her family are based in Loughborough, where she owns a store (an actual physical store) and manages a couple staff members. Since the lockdown began it has been just her and her husband, and many more customers - all while juggling a 16 month old! She even sold out a couple of times during the buying craze and I couldn't get my fave toilet roll from @cheekypanda anymore, haha!

Ati started The Cleaning Cabinet last September, but her and her husband have been in the eco-friendly cleaning business for more than 10 years. It is so wonderful when people genuinely want to help others and save the world by doing so, and that's what Ati is doing. She doesn't charge ridiculously high prices for her products but she focusses on affordable and ethical eco-friendly products.

Get your ass over to The Cleaning Cabinet's online shop, but please don't buy all the Cheeky Panda tp ;)