Review: Urban Green, a small London based business

Urban Green is a small UK based business founded by Yas.

When her daughter got sick and Yas needed to give up her job to take care of her, she wanted to continue doing good for the earth and started making her own eco-friendly products in a small workshop in Ruislip, London (which is super close to where I live!).

Photography Credit: Urban Green Company

It all started with handmade beeswax wraps, but quickly they moved to other reusable household and beauty items. Their reusable facial wipes are so wonderful (and very cute), and the reusable face covers have been so handy this year.

If I'd only known about their reusable gift bags before Christmas, I would definitely have bought myself a couple of those!

I love how closeby they're based to my place in Harrow, and once this darned lockdown is over, I'm going to enjoy a cuppa with Yas and chat all things sustainability!