Review: Urban Green Food Wraps

These super cute food wraps are handmade in the UK by Urban Green, and they were so kind to gift me a wonderful set. I've written about food wraps before and have again used these for my cheeses, I really enjoy using them! My cheeses don't 'sweat' anymore, like they do when you keep them in their plastic wrap inside a container.

Photography Credit: Urban Green Company

These wraps are 100% raw materials, containing only beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil and cotton (all organic). They are a wonderful natural alternative to cling film and plastic food bags and I must say I haven't missed these types of plastic in my kitchen at all for the last three years.

I've never really looked after my earlier reusable beeswax wraps before, and I'm definitely taking better care of them now than I did before. After using them, I wash them with organic dish soap and cold water, and then hang them to dry. I usually use them straight away again, as we've always got cheese in the house. Once they're ready to be 're-pasteurized and re-set', I'll be ironing them in between two baking paper sheets so they're smooth again.

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