Review: Wax wraps

So. Beeswax wraps. The eco-community is raving about this and I got them gifted from my mum-in-law a couple of years ago. They look so cute, but I'm a lazy person who doesn't like spending more time cleaning than needed - and these need a good clean every time they've been used (under cold water, with eco-dishwashing liquid).

Research has been done in New Zealand to check how hygienic the wraps are. A well-used and well-cleaned wrap and a wrap used once were sent off to the lab to test for mould and bacteria. Both had microbial populations (the well-used wrap much more). These measured 'nasties' weren't so high that they would make someone sick, but it's still a troubling sign. Especially for someone who might not clean them thoroughly enough before using again.

Yes, they are moldable and work for odd shaped foods, but I usually just put those pieces in a Tupperware container (yes, we have a cupboard solely reserved for Tupperware).

I think they're expensive for what they are and well, they're obviously not vegan. I'd prefer to keep the bees for more important business than using their product for beeswax wraps.