Review: Wild Deodorant

As you can see in this photo, I am a bulk buyer. If something is MUCH cheaper per item to get three instead of just one, I will buy it because you know, I like to save money on the product, shipping cost and save on the carbon footprint for multiple deliveries.

It doesn't always turn out to be a positive thing, but with the Wild Refill it's been... Okay. I'm now on my second refill after 3.5 months.

The first scent I chose was the Rose Blush and it smells absolutely wonderful. I'm now using the Mint Fresh and it's all right. Got the Coconut Dreams waiting for me after I've finished being minty (not that I can smell any mint).

These deodorants are very moisturizing and soft on your skin, but if you put a shirt on straight after, they will leave white stains. The Wild deodorant works better for me than Ku.tis, but I'm still smelling myself after a warm day (not necessarily a sweaty day) and I'm just not completely sold by this deodorant.

I love that it's all plastic free as well and I absolutely love their branding and mission to make this world a better and more sustainable place. The refill is super easy to use, but it's a bit strange as the refill just falls out when you've used most of the refills and you have to use your hands if you want to use up the deodorant fully.

I think I'm gonna try a couple of other deodorants once I've finished the Wild and Ku.tis ones, and might decide to go back to Wild if they don't work out.

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