Review: Yorkshire Pasta

This pasta is delicious! I'm so stoked I've finally found a brilliant pasta that's plastic free in the whole supply chain and locally made.

Cero sells this beautiful pasta in their online wholefoods shop and I'm just so happy to have found a wholefoods store that's completely plastic free!

The pasta itself is made by Yorkshire Pasta and they keep their carbon emissions as low as possible by only using local wheat flour and water in their products, with solar panels powering their HQ and they even feed the leftover foods to local cattle. Their ethos aligns perfectly with Cero's and they make a fantastic team.

We ate two bags (enough past to feed 10 people) within two weeks and I am going to place my next order with Cero very soon!

This pasta doesn't come very cheap if you compare it to B brand supermarket pasta (but then you'll be wondering: where was this made? What wheat did they use? What other shit did they add? Why is it packed in plastic?) but in reality you'll only be paying £0.70 per meal - which is very well priced.

For this recipe I added my homemade pesto made from carrot tops (definitely not as good as basil or olive pesto), lots of oil, garlic, walnuts and vegetarian hard cheese (yes, you read that right, we are not using parmesan as that is NOT vegetarian, they use animal rennet to make parmesan). It was delish!

I've also made a Penne Rigate Pasta with my standard creamy tomato and lentil sauce and a third recipe with an oily garlic, clove and chilli flake sauce.


Cero is absolutely brilliant and I'm super duper happy to be one of their brand ambassadors. This also means I can give out discount codes! So get yourself over to and use the code mysustainable10 for 10% off your first order.

Read more about Cero right here.