Review: Koh multi-purpose cleaning spray

People are raving about this cleaning product so naturally I had to find out for myself if it's really all the rage. And I have to say... It's okay.

It does the job every other multi purpose does and if you leave a good amount of spray on for more than two minutes, extra fatty substances do seem to be easy to clean. I've used it to clean the oven (does take some more time than using a harsh specialized chemical) and grime around the hob and hood.

Unfortunately it is still no match for the hard London limescale build up. But the sprayer works wonderfully and I was able to reuse the bottle for almost two years, but it has now died.

I'm trying to lower our waste going into landfill as well as the amount of products I order online and big boxes being delivered to our doorstep. That's why I haven't ordered Koh again, because it comes in a huge box, as it's already diluted when it's delivered to you.

Now that I'm seeing more companies delivering small packages through your mailbox instead of via courier - the small sachets type products you have to dilute yourself - I will be looking into that when I need more cleaning product.


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