5 reasons to go plastic-free and organic in your bathroom

5 reasons to go plastic-free and organic in your bathroom

Why you should go plastic free and organic in your bathroom

1. Commercial shower products are made up of mostly water and is often the first ingredient you see on the ingredient list.

With natural bars, you only get the goodness, you don't pay for water - which also makes them last longer.

Photography Credit: David Griffiths


2. Commercial shower products often contain harmful chemicals.

From SLES, SLS, Parabens, alcohol, perfume and triclosan, these chemicals are added as thickeners, for their antibacterial properties or as preservatives, but they can seriously disrupt your hormones, cause skin irritations and damage your hair and skin.


3. The plastic bottle problem isn't this big because of bottled drinking water, also because of all the other bottled (skincare) products.

Did you know that every single minute, 1 million plastic bottles are sold worldwide?


4. When you buy natural, organic and/or vegan, it means that no harmful pesticides have been used growing the ingredients for your products, and there is a good chance no animals were harmed (or even used) in the process.

You'd be surprised how many commercial soaps are not even vegetarian and use animals fats. If your product doesn't contain the words 'vegan' or 'vegetarian', but contain the words 'glycerine', 'glycol', 'glycerin' or 'glycerol', I bet you that they're using animal fats.


5. Most plastic-free and natural companies are small, startups, local, and often owned by women.

So you put your money where it belongs, the common people, not major conglomerates.


Convinced you to consume more consciously? Start with a plastic free and natural shower kit! Check out this page to get you started on your plastic free shower experience.




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