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Workshop - Create your own Personalized Face Oil

Workshop - Create your own Personalized Face Oil

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Embark on an exciting journey to rejuvenate your skin's health! Join our immersive workshop 'Create your own Personalised Face Oil' hosted by Zapy's owner Anne. This workshop offers an intriguing blend of science and creativity, set in the cozy atmosphere of a mini laboratory. 

Whether you're passionate about skincare or intrigued by the art of scents, our workshop provides an exceptional opportunity to learn and experiment. Discover the secrets behind radiant skin or the magic of personalized scents in an engaging and educational experience.

In this enlightening two-hour session, you'll have the chance to formulate and craft your very own personalized facial oil. Picture yourself in a mini laboratory, surrounded by beakers, scales, and an array of organic, vegan ingredients ready for your creative touch. Guided by Zapy's expert Anne, you'll learn the art of blending these elements to create a bespoke facial oil that suits your skin's unique needs. This workshop is not only an exploration of skincare science but also a hands-on experience that empowers you to take control of your skincare routine. 

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