Billionaires already have enough money

Billionaires already have enough money

They are billionaires for a reason.

If you treat your employees, contractors, suppliers and freelancers rights, how could you become a BILLIONAIRE? Amazon, for example, has had a PROFIT of almost 40 billion dollars in the last three months. For those who don't understand: your profit is the amount of money that's leftover after paying all your bills, your staff and other expenses. Meanwhile, Amazon staff are working insane hours in horrible conditions, barely being able to pay their rent.

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Not only can you expect from any billion dollar company that they treat their employees badly, it is also paired with a serious impact on the environment. Most products are produced as cheaply as possible. The use of plastic is very common, from parts to packaging. Or think of cheap animal fats hidden in your skincare products, with those animals being stuffed full of hormones and antibiotics to grow them quicker. Or cotton that's been grown with the use of pesticides, polluting the ecosystem around the fields.

And this is not even everything. From wherever these ingredients are being produced, they're then shipped all over the world. From Thailand, to China, to America, to Europe. So much transport obviously comes at a cost for our Mother Earth.

So, next time you buy something from these companies, make sure you know who is selling these products and where their ingredients and parts come from.

Change your habits, especially when you're buying gifts for friends and family. Try to buy more local, from smaller businesses. They're often more transparent, honest and you will know that you are putting money in the pockets of people who deserve it. Not those billionaires who already own half of the world.

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