London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Tomorrow is the start of London Fashion week. It's usually held twice a year and even with the Covid crisis the show must go on. Apparently the winter collection is too important not to showcase, as obviously people cannot wear the same clothing as they did last year.

Photography Credit: Flaunter

London Fashion Week is into three different sections, where designers could sign up for a physical catwalk, and online event, or both to showcase their new collections.

The one thing I admire about Fashion Week is that sustainable brands get a platform to showcase their clothing. The sustainable brands that stood out half a year ago were brands I've never even heard of: Vin+Omi, AV, DB Berdan, Riley Studio, Riona Treacy, Hanna Fiedler and Unaji. Most of the clothing doesn't look like something anyone would actually wear, and the clothing that does look good is very much overpriced for the general public (It might come as a shock to you, but I can't afford £300 for one single t-shirt).

There are some brands that are surprisingly (to me at least) sustainable, and Mulberry for example, works in carbon neutral factories based in the UK, use only 'green' leathers for their bags (byproduce from the meat industry - not leathers from animal slaughtered for their leathers), they use recycled plastic stitching/zippers and have a recycling scheme where you can pick a new product if you hand in an old one.


Sustainability in Fashion

Photography Credit: Raden Prasetya

Lots of fashion brands are looking into incorporating sustainability into their businesses, and new textiles are being developed left and right. There are brands going all the way back into history, when clothing was made from nettle plant fibers, revamping this way of clothing production. Other companies are using more natural dyes, or repurposing and upcycling plastic waste.

Honestly, I've never followed anything fashion related and couldn't care about it more. What I do care about is the negative impact our consumerism has on the planet and I believe we need to more towards a slow fashion society where we buy good quality clothing which we'll wear for years to come. I don't want those 'that shirt is so 2018' situations but more of: 'I've worn this dress for more than 5 years!' Still, I don't think that the London Fashion Week encourages sustainability enough to the wider public, but I hope it will be better this year so they can set a precedent for all the other fashion brands to seriously change their ways.



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