Review: Conditioner bar from Bain and Savon

Review: Conditioner bar from Bain and Savon

This solid conditioner bar from Bain and Savon is absolutely huge! I bought it from Plastic Freedom and didn't expect it to be this big. The bar definitely works, but it's kinda awkward holding it in your hand and scraping your hair in the shower.

Conditioner bars are much more solid than shampoo bars and don't froth up, so it takes a bit longer to get used to using a conditioner bar than it does a shampoo bar. I'm happy with the bar, it's nice, although pretty expensive at £9.

But then again, it'll probably last more than a year as it's so solid!


I've tried a different brand conditioner bar from Solidu and I actually like that one a LOT better, it smells wonderful and the shape fits perfectly in your hands. Read my review here.

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