Review: Conditioner Bars by Solidu

Review: Conditioner Bars by Solidu

I love the shape of these Solidu conditioner bars, it smells absolutely amazing and works a treat! And their packaging is completely plastic and tree-free!

Photography Credit: Solidu


They use bamboo offcuts and the shape of their packaging are the shape of the bars, so no space or packaging product is wasted. Their packaging is also home compostable.

With natural ingredients such a mango butter and jojoba oil, your hair will be silky smooth after using this conditioner bar. It will literally be silky smooth, as I'm sorry to say this bar is not vegan. It is vegetarian however, as they use silk proteins as one of the ingredients. I've double checked with the team at Solidu to make sure no animals are harmed in the process of making their bars, and I do approve of their answer: "the caterpillars are not harmed, they grow into moths and fly off, and do moth things; the silk [from the cocoon] is then collected."


I honestly do not have a problem with this, and love their transparency. So I have decided to stock some of their products. To buy the No Knots conditioner bar, click here.

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